Storm Watch

September 13, 2013

Prologue – Trekk and The Compass

Isturday, the 27th of Corellas, 813

*The party met Clive and deflected his attempts to sell them junk.
*The party successfully saved Onna and Bobo Fatetracker, both physically and financially. 20xp gained party-wide
*The party both shared a vision and each had individual visions. They learned quite a bit about Comfrey in the process.
*The party gained the pseudo-quest to find Det Fatetracker.

Moraday, the 28th of Corellas, 813

*The party met Captain Lugo over breakfast.
*The party boarded the Compass.

Moraday, the 37th of Corellas, 813

*The party met Davward Daleborn.
*Elise Godfrey wants to speak with the party while they are on the high seas heading for Stormwatch. What could she want….?


Sleep Sleep

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