Storm Watch

Session Recap November 1st

Map of Stormwatch updated with links of characters, new locations, and some information.

Stormwatch Act 1 – The Unfortunate Tale of Thomas Greenheart

Downtime Recap

Isturday, the 45th of Corellas, 813

  • The party made their way to the Temple of Melora. They caught the end of the sermon:

She gives us the seas, full of fish for our sustenance!
She gives us the natural world, with trees strong and stout to build with, and fertile land to grow on!
But most importantly, she gives us the wilderness… not only physically, in the UNTAMED WILDS of this great land, but also… within US. Melora gives us that passion, that DRIVE, to break loose of our bonds and be free!

  • The party then encountered Thomas Greenheart, who the other red-shirted commoners wanted no part of protecting.
  • Thomas shared with the party that he had accidentally been entered into some sort of crazy “game” that a group of assassins play with each other. He shows the party a piece of parchment with a circle on it. On the circle, a small “wound”, dripping red with blood, moves, seeming to point in a direction. At the bottom of the page is an “X” signifying the number 10.
  • Thomas explained that he had saved the life of “Number 9”, a sailor who he didn’t recognize, by killing the previous “number 10” while they tried to kill him. The sailor took note of how weak and hopeless Thomas seemed, and let him go. But not before explaining that there was a “number 11” out there that wanted him dead to take his place.
  • The party decided that Thomas got himself into this situation, and he could get himself out of it. Particularly after he explained that he only had 100g to pay the party. They decided that he was a corrupt, bad man, and that it wasn’t worth tarnishing their name in the town to save him. As he tried to leave the Temple dejectedly, he opened the door to find a mob of angry commoners outside. The party took it upon themselves to exit out the back, going through the private quarters of the priests of the temple.
  • As they left, Rhiia noticed shadows moving along the rooftops, heading towards the Temple. The party visited the statue of the Carp, looking for any hint or sign of the “sailor” that Thomas had told them about. But he was nowhere to be found.
  • The next morning, the city was alive with the rumors of what occurred the night before. In particular, the word is that there was a group of commoners who came across the dead body of Thomas Greenheart lying in the middle of the Temple of Melora. In addition, the back door to the temple had been busted open and all of the priests inside had been brutally slain.


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