Storm Watch

Session Recap October 11th

Session Recap

Map of Stormwatch updated with links of characters, new locations, and some information.

Stormwatch Act 1 – In Pursuit of Silas Hulith

Avanderday, the 44th of Corellas, 813

  • The party decided to use the remainder of the afternoon/evening to pursue Silas Hulith.

#1 “WANTED: Silas Hulith. Human dockworker wanted for faking papers to smuggle Comfrey onto ships leaving port. He is Bald and has a distinctive tattoo on one arm, that of a dragon breathing flame. Warning: May be armed, Last seen in beggars alley, Carp Quarter. If found, please bring ALIVE to Gilda Vigil. Obtain a writ of his capture and show me and I will pay a reward of 100 gold.” – Edgar Cyprus

  • The party went to Beggars Alley to investigate, following their only lead from the wanted poster. Upon arrival, they met Serel Foresthand, who gave them a tough time, calling the party “markhounds”. Serel made it very clear that she wasn’t about to just provide information for free unless she really knew the party’s intentions were in the right place. In a bout of frustration, the party went to go see Edgar Cyprus.
  • Edgar wasn’t available to see people at the Port Authority, but the party did run into Halle Longmist, who was more than happy to explain details of Silas’s arrest. He had been arrested for having a forged ship manifest, and when they checked his cargo, it was full of unprocessed comfrey. Halle explained that while the Carp Knights know that Silas was just a deckhand, and surely not the mastermind behind the whole plan, they know that they have to make an example. She also told the party about the Dragon’s Cave, a slum of the Carp Quarter that even the Carp Knights don’t dare enter.

Slumbering dragon

  • The party made their way into the Slumbering Dragon Tavern, deep in the belly of the Dragon’s Cave. Inside they found all sorts of people partaking in one vice or another. Open comfrey smoking, gambling, prostitution, and simple alcoholism were all evident from the get go. The Tavern seemed to be ran by a group of Dragonborn who were standing guard and also working the bar. Here, they ran into Det Fatetracker, a down-on-his-luck dwarf whom used to work with Silas.
  • As the party left the Tavern, they ran into Ulgo, a thug that Det owes money to. After a short discussion, Ulgo walked off, leaving his three lackeys to pummel Det into paying whatever gold he had on him. The party made VERY quick work on the three lackeys, and then shortly after Det divulged information about his illegal work with comfrey, how he knew Silas, and that he worked for Torrin, a bartender at the Slumbering Dragon who works with King Smoke. Det revealed that Silas was probably holed up at the Fishery.
  • The party made their way to the fishery and investigated the large warehouse just as the sun started going down and Clive Cyprus was beginning to close up shop. Tiavan distracted Clive for a few minutes while the party investigated, but once they found Silas, hiding in the attic, the party’s cover was soon blown and everyone partook in a chase of the convict. The chase concluded with Silas considering a surely fatal jump from one warehouse to another, when Tiavan talked him out of it. The party (along with Clive) escorted Silas to the Iron Wolves’ barracks and handed him over. While Gilda Vigil wasn’t available, they were able to get a writ of his capture from the warden of the jail.
  • Now the party has the evening to themselves, with nothing planned until later the next day, where they intend to take up someone on their offer of 500 gold to “protect” them.


Sleep Sleep

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