Storm Watch

Session Recap September 27th

Session Recap

Map of Stormwatch updated with links of characters, new locations, and some information.

Prologue – Meeting Elise Godfrey & Arrival in Stormwatch

Moraday, the 37th of Corellas, 813

  • The party met Elise and accepted her quest to deliver a package the the proprietor of the Fisherman’s Rest Inn.

Avanderday, the 44th of Corellas, 813

  • The party met Captain Lugo over breakfast.
  • The party arrived in Stormwatch!
  • The party had a brief run-in with Edgar Cyprus when exiting the ship. They avoided a full search of their belongings thanks to the timely arrival of Clive.
  • The party met Halle Longmist, who escorted them through the northernmost part of the Carp Quarter, gave some info on the Port Authority, and got in a tussle with a dockhand in front of the Fisherman’s Rest Inn.
  • The party met Alley Longmist, sister of Halle, and delivered the box from Elise that contained a small ceramic and glass piece of art shaped in the traditional symbol of Stormwatch.

Stormwatch – Act 1

Avanderday, the 44th of Corellas, 813

  • The party read over the posting board and saw the following bills/posters listed:
  1. “Come visit The Gallery next week during the spring festival! An homage to the past and the “roots” of the event." The word “root” is written in a fancy font
  2. WANTED: Silas Hulith. Human dockworker wanted for faking papers to smuggle Comfrey onto ships leaving port. He is Bald and has a distinctive tattoo on one arm, that of a dragon breathing flame. Warning: May be armed, Last seen in beggars alley, Carp Quarter. If found, please bring ALIVE to Gilda Vigil. Obtain a writ of his capture and show me and I will pay a reward of 100 gold.” – Edgar Cyprus
  3. “Be watchful! Silent killers in the night! Group of vigilantes calling themselves the “Assassins Guild” strike weekly, always on Isturday! Travel in groups and avoid the streets that night!" – Gilda Vigil This poster is old and faded… but you notice it hasn’t been taken down in the apparent months that it has been up.
  4. “This Taskerday, Corellos 4th, come to Pinder’s exotic goods in the Market District! Elaborate flower vases, exotic bouqets, and floral print silk! Celebrate the Spring Festival in style!” – Pinder Royle
  5. Help Wanted: Protection this Isturday, Corellas 45th. Your discretion is appreciated. If interested, please meet me in the Temple of Melora at 5pm. Wear a red shirt and I will come to you. I will pay 500 gold but the risks are very real!”_
  6. TODAY ONLY! Help Wanted: Need assistance escorting a shipment of goods from Lakeside inn. 100g and meals are included. Please see Alder Goldarm at the Golden Hammer. Guild membership required” – Alder Goldarm
  • The party made their way to the Golden Hammer and met with Alder Goldarm, taking on his task of escorting a shipment from the Lakeside Inn. They also met the merchant who is doing the run, Ricaver Foechuckle.
  • The party successfully escorted Ricaver to and from the Lakeside Inn, defeating a group of bandits in the process. The Bandits, a Bugbear and his Goblin friend, were swiftly felled by the combined might of the group, but not before the Bugbear was able to crash into Forge with his mighty mace. Forge lived, while very wounded, and the party made their way back to Stormwatch. Alder rewarded the party with 100 gold for a job well… done.


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