Zasa Telth


Zasa Telth is the owner of “Telth Sundries and Exotic Goods”, a business that has been ran by her family for decades. She has made a small fortune supplying goods to many of the small stalls in the Merchant District of the Carp Quarter, as well as keeping many shops in the Wolf Quarter stocked regularly. She has over 100 workers on her payroll, many of whom work in her warehouse in the northern Carp Quarter. The others are small deliverymen, running goods from one quarter to another, or to the other settlements just outside Stormwatch.

Det Fatetracker is a full-time employee of hers, and Ricaver Foechuckle often takes contract work for her.

She is looked upon in a good light. She has put many to work in the quarter, and pays an honest wage for a hard days work.

Upon recovering her Ledger from Kai Albreight, the party found out that Zasa has been paying good money for illegal Comphrey. It was this reason that Aron George refused to continue running shipments for her.

Zasa Telth

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