Tag: Carp Knight


  • Carp Knight Brigade

    The Carp Knight Brigade is a small organization that was created by [[:edgar-cyprus | Edgar Cyprus]]. First, it was created as a show of strength; the [[The Vigil Family | Vigil Family]] has the [[The Iron Wolves | Iron Wolves]] and the [[Godfrey …

  • Halle Longmist

    Halle Longmist is the newest, and youngest, member of the Carp Knight Brigade. Halle is young and unsure of herself. A fencer, she was picked for the brigade due to her uncanny agility, as well as her speed with the blade. She is fragile of body …

  • Reiss Skolle

    Reiss Skolle was the captain of the Carp Knight Brigade. He is a little arrogant and very sure of himself, but he is one of the best swordsmen in the city and is the personal guard of Edgar Cyprus. While [[:halle-longmist | Halle]] may play a good …

  • Vitez Ritter

    The new Knight-Captain of the Carp Knights. Vitez is arrogant and hot-headed, but an excellent fighter and a master of the spear. He is pushing for Edgar to essentially declare war on the Dragon's Cave.