Tag: Carp Quarter


  • Carp Knight Brigade

    The Carp Knight Brigade is a small organization that was created by [[:edgar-cyprus | Edgar Cyprus]]. First, it was created as a show of strength; the [[The Vigil Family | Vigil Family]] has the [[The Iron Wolves | Iron Wolves]] and the [[Godfrey …

  • Clive Cyprus

    Clive Cyprus is the cousin of [[:edgar-cyprus | Edgar Cyprus]], one of the three Lords of Stormwatch. He is a merchant. ~~ Clive Cyprus died Sainterday, Corellos 6th, 813 during an attempted murder of Edgar Cyprus.

  • Det Fatetracker

    Det Fatetracker is the Dwarf son of Onna and Bobo Fatetracker. The party first met Det when they went into the Slumbering Dragon Tavern, looking for Silas Hulith. After an altercation with [[:ulgo | Ulgo]], Det explained that he owes Ulgo 2500 gold. …

  • Edgar Cyprus

    Lord Edgar Cyprus is the patriarch of the Cyprus family, making him a [[The Lords of Stormwatch | Lord of Stormwatch]], and defacto headmaster of the Port Authority in Stormwatch. Edgar is an honest and trustworthy man. His father passed away …

  • Alley Longmist

    Alley Longmist is the proprietor of "The Fisherman's Rest", the Inn right on the docks in the Carp Quarter. Her younger sister, [[:halle-longmist | Halle Longmist]], is a member of the Carp Knight Brigade.

  • Halle Longmist

    Halle Longmist is the newest, and youngest, member of the Carp Knight Brigade. Halle is young and unsure of herself. A fencer, she was picked for the brigade due to her uncanny agility, as well as her speed with the blade. She is fragile of body …

  • Serel Foresthand

    Serel Foresthand is an ex-adventurer. She came to Stormwatch 5 years ago seeking fortune and fame. But she ended up taking the plight of the poor to heart, and now consideres herself the "Paragon of the Lower Carp".

  • Ulgo

    Ulgo is a thug of the Carp Quarter, but a thug with powerful connections. Little is known about where he gets his money but just about anyone who owes anyone money in the Carp Quarter has to deal with Ulgo.

  • Reiss Skolle

    Reiss Skolle was the captain of the Carp Knight Brigade. He is a little arrogant and very sure of himself, but he is one of the best swordsmen in the city and is the personal guard of Edgar Cyprus. While [[:halle-longmist | Halle]] may play a good …

  • Zasa Telth

    Zasa Telth is the owner of "Telth Sundries and Exotic Goods", a business that has been ran by her family for decades. She has made a small fortune supplying goods to many of the small stalls in the Merchant District of the Carp Quarter, as well as …

  • Vitez Ritter

    The new Knight-Captain of the Carp Knights. Vitez is arrogant and hot-headed, but an excellent fighter and a master of the spear. He is pushing for Edgar to essentially declare war on the Dragon's Cave.

  • Aron George

    Aron George used to work for [[:zasa-telth | Zasa Telth]]. When she fired him due to his refusal to pick up deliveries of illegal Comfrey, he stole her ledger with the intent of selling it and escaping Stormwatch city. He was caught attempting to …