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  • Cyprus Family

    The Cyprus Family is one of the three ruling families of Stormwatch. The head of the family serves as one of the three Lords of Stormwatch. The Cyprus Family oversees the ocean-bound trade of the city, as well as the farming just outside the city …

  • Clive Cyprus

    Clive Cyprus is the cousin of [[:edgar-cyprus | Edgar Cyprus]], one of the three Lords of Stormwatch. He is a merchant. ~~ Clive Cyprus died Sainterday, Corellos 6th, 813 during an attempted murder of Edgar Cyprus.

  • Edgar Cyprus

    Lord Edgar Cyprus is the patriarch of the Cyprus family, making him a [[The Lords of Stormwatch | Lord of Stormwatch]], and defacto headmaster of the Port Authority in Stormwatch. Edgar is an honest and trustworthy man. His father passed away …