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  • The Freyknights

    The Freyknights are the longest standing military organization within Stormwatch. The order of the Freyknights has existed for hundreds of years, always being the personal "hand" of the [[Godfrey Family | Godfrey Family]]. When Stormwatch was founded, …

  • Davward Daleborn

    Davward Daleborn is a knight in the employ of the Godfrey Family. He is the personal guard of [[:elise-godfrey | Lady Elise Godfrey]] and seldom leaves her side.

  • Bofric Boldsteel

    Bofric Boldsteel is a Squire in the Freyknight order. He was recently commended on alerting the Iron Wolves of an attack during the Godfrey Banquet in the middle of the Spring Festival 813.