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  • Longmist Family

    The Longmist Family is comprised of just two people: [[:alley-longmist | Alley]] and [[:halle-longmist | Halle Longmist]]. They were both orphans taken in at a young age by a man and a wife who ran the Fisherman's Rest Inn. The man and the wife couldn' …

  • Alley Longmist

    Alley Longmist is the proprietor of "The Fisherman's Rest", the Inn right on the docks in the Carp Quarter. Her younger sister, [[:halle-longmist | Halle Longmist]], is a member of the Carp Knight Brigade.

  • Halle Longmist

    Halle Longmist is the newest, and youngest, member of the Carp Knight Brigade. Halle is young and unsure of herself. A fencer, she was picked for the brigade due to her uncanny agility, as well as her speed with the blade. She is fragile of body …