Albreight Family

Thirty years ago, Grindl Albreight founded a small business, and named it “Albreight and Sons”. Grindl was a middle-class Half-Orc who has taken his family’s wealth from the old world and invested every penny into making a successful business in Stormwatch. His three sons, Kai, Gretor, and Horkul were but pups when the business was founded, but as they grew, so did Grindl’s success. “Albreight and Sons” quickly became one of the most prominent business in the Wolf Quarter, mostly known for it’s low prices due to cutting out the middle man. To accomplish this, Grindl used his connections with the Orc Tribes of Nerath to secure cheap shipping, and then sold his goods in his own stores in stead of paying other merchants to sell them.

5 Years ago, Grindl passed away a happy and healthy old man, and left the business in the hands of his three sons. Kai immediately took the reigns, being the oldest son, and decided to keep the name in honor of their father. Gretor had no interest in the family business, having always found managing money to be a particular boring task. Horkul has always been loyal to both his brothers, helping them out whenever he can, but has yet to really find his place.

Members of the Family:

Head of the Family

Kai Albreight

Other Members of the Family:

Gretor Albreight
Horkul Albreight

Albreight Family

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