Carp Knight Brigade

The Carp Knight Brigade is a small organization that was created by Edgar Cyprus.

First, it was created as a show of strength; the Vigil Family has the Iron Wolves and the Godfrey Family their Freyknights, so Edgar saw a need to have his own pseudo-military force.

Secondly, Edgar saw need for having a stronger military presence in the Carp Quarter. While the Iron Wolves patrol the entire city and are the official police force, Edgar understands that many of the smaller problems are below the attention of the Iron Wolves.

Third, Edgar created the Carp Knight Brigade for his own protection. He understood that with his policy changes and stricter regulations on trade, that many of the cartels and black market traders would want his head. It is for this reason that he is almost always accompanied by a member of the Carp Knights.

Currently Known Members:


Vitez Ritter

Other Members

Halle Longmist
Serel Foresthand

Previous Members:

Reiss Skolle
Killed protecting Edgar Cyprus from an assassination attempt by Clive Cyprus.

Carp Knight Brigade

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