The Comfrey Fields are located just outside the Carp Quarter, and are the primary source of income for the farmers of Stormwatch.

Comfrey is a unique plant that has medicinal uses, and thus far it can only be found growing on the Tempest Continent. The soil on the Tempest Continent is rich in nutrients and organic matter that isn’t found anywhere else in the world, and thus the plant has never been able to be grown anywhere else. Much of Stormwatch’s riches have come through the control of the Comfrey supply going out of the continent.

Comfrey is effective as a healing agent when reduced to a powder form and then either compounded into capsule form or added to a water-based mixture and used as health potions. Comfrey the plant also has strong hallucinogenic properties when smoked, commonly referred to as “The Breath of the Dragon”.

Comfrey is a small bushy red flower with 3 distinct green leaves that form a sort of triangle shape around the flower bud. When dried and used medicinally, the color of a weak dosage is bright green (low amounts of actual comfrey, high amounts of leaf) and fades to a dark red when pure (almost all flower). When smoked, the smoke is a distinct red color as well.

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