Royle Family

The Royle Family is a group of merchants who came to Stormwatch roughly 3 years ago. They do not associate themselves with any of the three quarters, although they do most of their trading in the Merchant District of the Carp Quarter.

The head of the family is Pinder Royle, an older man who is an expert salesman that not only talks people into believing what he is selling is quality, but actually DOES sell high-quality goods. In all of Stormwatch, you will be hard pressed to find a merchant that sells items at the quality that Pinder does. He often uses his quarter neutrality to do business with the best artisans of the Hawk and Wolf quarter to make high quality merchandise.

Little is known about Pinders daughter, Elsie Royle, other than the fact that she befriended three gnolls that help run the shop with her. While Pinder does much of the high-profile salesmanship of the stall, Elsie actually runs the transaction-side as well as some light salesmanship on the side when Pinder is busy.

Walder Royle is the son of Pinder, and doesn’t actually work in the stall with his sister and father. Instead, Walder, a self-proclaimed mark hound and adventurer, spends his days exploring the wilds of the Tempest Continent, looting ruins and campsites for artifacts and curios to turn around and sell in their stall.

Royle Family

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