The Flower Rebellion

30 years ago, there was a rebellion against the three major families. The common folk were tired of being taxed and demanded more control. Wanting to avoid conflict, and in a show of solidarity, all three families relinquished their power. They made an agreement that at the first of the new year, they would relinquish their power to the leaders of the revolution. But when they did so, they also removed the entire infrastructure of the entire city. For the entire month of Correllas, the city was in a state of total anarchy.

WIthout the Cyprus family, there was chaos in the harbors. Ships were stranded at dock due to no limits on the larger ships, and entire shipments were lost to Bayhill when ships couldn’t find a place to dock. Then there was chaos amongst the warehouses and storage rooms as the lack of regulations caused fires and rampant thievery.

Without the Vigil family, the streets were no longer safe to walk. The Iron Wolves closed the barracks, and they let free all of the prisoners in the holding cells. Businesses couldn’t open to sell their wares without fear of being robbed of product gold, or both. The economy of the city tanked.

Without the Godfrey family, all important merchants started looking into other avenues. Prices fell on all goods in the city, which stifled the economy even further. The few merchants who did arrive were oftentimes robbed. There was also an overabundance of incoming food and materials, as the major crafting guilds closed their doors when the Godfreys stopped paying

The common folk came back to the three families and pleaded for their return. They arranged a grand ceremony to be held during te spring festival that year, to reinstate the lords as ruling families of the city. But the leaders of the resistance had other plans. They secretly arranged for an ambush on the lords during the ceremony. Out in the fields of flowers to the west of the town, the rebellion launched their final attack on the nobles. But the commoners jumped to ther rescue of the Lords, fighting the remaining rebellion back even though they were grossly unmatched. The resolve of the commoners to fight fist with blade caused the remaining rebellion members to give up their attack and finally concede.

This solidified the place of the three families of Stormwatch, and forever endeared them into the hearts of the people.

The Flower Rebellion

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