The Freyknights

The Freyknights are the longest standing military organization within Stormwatch.

The order of the Freyknights has existed for hundreds of years, always being the personal “hand” of the Godfrey Family. When Stormwatch was founded, it was only with the agreement of the Godfrey family at the time that they get to keep their own personal guard on top of the normal police force of the city (which was to be the domain of the Vigil Family, later becoming the Iron Wolves).

The Freyknights are incredibly loyal and honorable. They hold the image of the Godfrey Family very highly, and will defend that image with their lives. They are known as some of the best bodyguards in the world.

Currently Known Members:



Other Members

Davward Daleborn
Bofric Boldsteel

The Freyknights

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