Det Fatetracker


Det Fatetracker is the Dwarf son of Onna and Bobo Fatetracker.

The party first met Det when they went into the Slumbering Dragon Tavern, looking for Silas Hulith. After an altercation with Ulgo, Det explained that he owes Ulgo 2500 gold. He came to the Tempest Continent to explore the ancient ruins here, and Ulgo assisted him with procuring a dig team and the materials to do it. But Ulgo manipulated Det, giving him low-quality materials and lazy workers, then demanding swift payment. Det has been working the comfrey fields and illegally smuggling shipments to the Slumbering Dragon ever since, hoping to earn enough gold to pay Ulgo back.

As of late, Det has become disenfranchised with Stormwatch, and he is seemingly more destitute by the day. He has even threatened Ulgo on multiple occassions to just “kill him and get it over with”. Det is a man with little hope in the world.

Det Fatetracker

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