Edgar Cyprus


Lord Edgar Cyprus is the patriarch of the Cyprus family, making him a Lord of Stormwatch, and defacto headmaster of the Port Authority in Stormwatch.

Edgar is an honest and trustworthy man. His father passed away unexpectedly 3 years ago and Edgar has been trying to do his best as the youngest of the three Lords of Stormwatch. This event caused a rift in the family, as there was a dispute as to whether he or his cousin Clive Cyprus would take over as new Lord.

The Cyprus family, while still noble, is looked upon in disdain, an image that Edgar is trying to change. He has cleaned up the merchant docks in his few years, and has passed legislation requiring stricter reports of the goods leaving and coming into Stormwatch. Because of this, he is a high-profile enemy of the black market traders and druglords that reside in the Carp Quarter.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be safe, Edgar has worked with Bannon Vigil to train the best men and women in the Carp Quarter to act as his personal envoy. They labeled themselves simply as the Carp Knight Brigade.

Edgar Cyprus

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