Gretor Albreight


Member of the Albreight Family.

The middle child out of his brothers, Kai and Horkul.

Gretor is a mercenary and doesn’t really follow in his father’s footsteps. He is fiercely loyal to his brothers, but putting them aside, will take any job for the right price.

While Gretor is cold and methodical, he is not bloodthirsty. He is only a mercenary because that is what he is good at. He approaches his work like that of any other citizen of Stormwatch, and finds no particular pleasure in causing harm to others. All of that being said, he is feared in the city, and has taken the nickname of “The Spectre”. The only reason he isn’t actively hunted by the Iron Wolves is that he is often employed by them to do their dirty work. Essentially, a professional Markhound.

Gretor Albreight

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