Leo Godfrey


Lord Leo Godfrey III is lord of the Hawk Quarter and patriarch of the Godfrey Family. He oversees the high-profile creation of goods in the city, as well as manages the Godfrey Orchard, the largest and finest apple orchard in the known world.

Leo Godfrey has been the leader of his family for just over a decade, after the passing of his father, Leo Godfrey II, 12 years ago. He is loved by the people of his quarter, but is looked at with disdain by the other two quarters. This isn’t necessarily due to anything he has done, but just a perceived view of his wealth (by far the wealthiest of the Lords of Stormwatch).

Leo has been working with Bannon Vigil in the last eight years, forging a joint venture between the Hawk and Wolf Quarters. He set the groundwork for what would become the Ciderhalls, and by taxing the Wolf Quarter at a discount for access to his orchard, both quarters have benefited greatly.

Leo can often be seen having a drink with Bannon at the Ciderhalls. If not there, he is surely seeing to high-profile merchants who are in town, or visiting The Gallery.

Leo Godfrey

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